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Best of 2013

With the greatest pleasure and a trace of nostalgia I present my 33 personal favourites of 2013 in alphabetical order. I’ve compiled them with Dragontape, so you can just hit play and listen to them. If you’d like to read why I chose them, click here.

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Fleetmac Wood - Black Magic Woman (Antenna Happy Edit)

2013 has been kind of an edit year for me and one of the most entertaining concepts I came across was Fleetmac Wood. The British duo (meanwhile residing in California) is “dedicated to re-edits and originals of Fleetwood Mac”, crowdsourcing most of the stuff they play from befriended producers or strangers on SoundCloud. Antenna Happy’s excellent job is the second unlikely re-application of classic acid lines in my Best of 2013 list and it’s just as wonderful.


Omar Souleyman - Shift Al Mani (Crackboy Remix)

This one blew me away, Arabian music fused with Acid House just works so well in a club. Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho aka Acid Arab were responsible for two EPs featuring their own material as well as contributions from their friends, like I:Cube and Crackboy. They played a string of shows, visited Beats In Space and will be spending their new years eve with Gilles Peterson. Plus their first full length compilation/album is out very soon, so all in all 2014 is looking splendid for them.


Fela Kuti - Shakara (Ossie’s Bump Edit)

He who didn’t have death in his pouch would’ve turned 75 in October, so there was a heap of edits an remixes popping up. The usual suspects Auntie Flo and iZem made one each, Ossie’s  pummeling revision of “Shakara” really stood out. Unfortunately it was released exclusively on a very limited 12”.


In Fields - Group Tension

Cosmo Vitelli’s label I’m A Cliché had a great year with the successful continuation of their Edit Service and releases by Red Axes and Moscoman. A riff created by British/Australian duo In Fields was firmly stuck in my head - ever since they used it in this hilarious trailer for one of their parties.


Forest Swords - Thor’s Stone

Ennio Morricone turned 85 this year and his British successor Forest Swords finally released his full length debut “Engravings”. The lead single received an appropriate video with Spanish dancer Guzmán Rosado delivering a breathtaking performance of twists and twitches.


Mirage - Let’s Kiss

"I had lady, she had a man" - within the first two lines Johnny Jewels vocoded voice completely freezes your heart while the beat keeps pounding on and on into the final synth crescendo. Who knew the feeling of utter helplessness could sound this beautiful?


Haules Baules - Creeper

The stomping bassline paired with those thrilling guitars made the creeper inescapable this year, and Logan Fisher’s rework of a gay disco rock anthem from the late 70s still is one of my absolute favourites. The official video is based on the cult film “Cruising" starring Al Pacino, which is worth watching if only for the soundtrack and sleazy aesthetics. (It also got a sort of remake by James Franco.)


Dark Sky - Voices

The London boys did it again this year with their “In Brackets" EP on Brooklyn’s party/label/overall awesome outfit Mister Saturday Night helmed by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin. Carter and Harkin recorded a bunch of live-sets at their events, too, leaving me longing for New York this summer.